Friday, January 31, 2014

Powder Days: A Photo Journal

Headed up the lift. Man made snow flyin' up ahead

Tips of my skis

Headed into the cloud of man made snow that was blowing

Minimal visibility in the cloud of man made snow

Looking down Upper Spruce

Headed toward Dark Side of the Moon and Prosperity

Looking back up Upper Spruce

Allll bundled up. It only reached 1 degree ABOVE zero for an hour or so this day. Most of the day was below zero!

Jeremy following along my tracks

Makin' his own tracks

Majestic and noble husky on a sheepskin


The happiest dog

Gooning as I hit the rail (yes, a rail over a car!)

Panicking after gaining speed at the end of the rail (yes its over a car)

Shannon hittin' it

Our patrol director screaming with glee

Buncha patrollers kids lovin' on Kenai down in the aid room at the end of the day.

Crazy mad snow drifts on my road; the rough snow in the middle is a result of my car bottoming out - in other words, despite my insane clearance on my 2001 Toyota 4Runner, the snow was high and deep enough that it was scraping the undercarriage

Further non-plowed, drifting snow!

Kickass snow drift in my front yard forming

Hodor found a great spot to clean and sun himself

At least he had a great view!

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