Thursday, February 19, 2015

All in a Week (or Two)

1. Myth: All off leash huskies run away.  2. Q's got the biggest, softest eye.  3. Love having my best friend come to the office with me.  4. Ridgetop sunrise on a ski day.  5. Heckling with the best of the Breakfast Club.  6. Par for the course.  7. Sunset at the end of the ski day...onward to night shift!  8. Yoga evenings.  9. Selfie after we both ate shit simultaneously on a gnarly trail...under the lift...with customers. We laughed so hard that folks accused us of having too much fun.  10. The Valley floor, just visible during light snowfall.  11. Shotty visibility during the intense snowfall event Saturday night. 2" per hour for 3 hours!  12. Sunday morning weather.  13. Didn't need to use that door anyway.  14. Tracks along the pipeline to Bald Knob.  15. View of Canaan Valley Ski Resort from the top of Bald Knob.  16. View out the café window post backcountry ski!  17. A successful score of a hitchhiked ride home.  18. Superb company at sunset of a cold backcountry ski day.  19. I don't even remember what a clear, dry road is any more.  20. Grilling inside. Booya.  21. Q's snakey bitch face.  22. Grilling oysters, clams, and local beef on top of the mountain on a powder day - the rough life of ski patrol!  23. Sunset view across the bogs of Canaan Valley during an evening XC ski.  24. The husky telling me it is ridiculous that he should have to remain indoors during such a snow event.  25. The hacking of Griffin's mane for a second year in a row.  26. Birthday jaunt on Q-mare in the snow!  27. Sunshine!  28. He couldn't possibly be any cuter. <3  29. Whiteout blizzard conditions during my birthday hack on Griffin (only 30 minutes after my ride on Q).

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