Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Kenai Updates

First of all, I'd like to state for posterity's sake that my experience with the Virginia Tech teaching hospital was absolutely OUTSTANDING. Everyone I met while I was there was amazing, incredibly helpful, kind, compassionate, and empathetic. They loved on Kenai as if he was their own, called me 2x a day with not only updates on him medically, but fun anecdotes about him - the photo above of the shredded pee pad is a prime example! The student who was my main point of contact said he was just SO happy to have gotten to shred something. Everyone who met Kenai also shared with me not only how great of a dog he was, but how exceptional a husky he was. <3

We're now 6 days post op and Kenai is doing well.

He's in his crate or locked in a bathroom nearly all day except for his bathroom breaks. He's perkier every day and quite happy being a 3-legged dog. Leash walks began yesterday at 5 min 3x a day. Today is 6 min, tomorrow 7 and so on. The hospital gave us post-op instructions for the first 7 weeks. We'll get radiographs retaken the second week in June to see where the healing is at. From there, we'll start some sessions with a canine rehabilitation specialist. 

The goal is slow introduction back into life. Doggy dressage - gotta get that hind end built back up! I'm a part of a really neat Facebook group about canine body conditioning and body awareness that looks to be a very wonderful tool in helping Kenai really build strength. I'm eager to see where the journey will take us!

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