Monday, April 27, 2020

Manic Monday

First off, thanks to Holly and Amanda for setting up the Zoom call Saturday night. It was a ton of fun to hang out, watch the KY3DE stream together, and see everyone's faces! I think we ended up having around a dozen people? Regardless, I loved the change of pace and getting to completely nerd out on horses with y'all.

My husband walked by the Zoom call a few times saying this and giggling to himself as he listened to our horse nerdery.

Amidst a Zoom-heavy weekend (I had two virtual baby showers yesterday), life continued par the quarantine course in my neck of the woods. Which is to say, Dave played video games for hours a day while I puttered around the house and yard playing with plants and animals. Oh, and I made my second monthly trip into civilization to fetch groceries for humans and animals. I was really happy to see a lot more people wearing masks than I had on previous visits; employees at the grocery store and Tractor Supply all had matching masks on!

At any rate, I don't have much more of a narrative to add. However, I do have lots of photos and short stories to share. I'm going to dub this "Manic Monday" due to the complete lack of focus on any one thing for more than a moment.

Trillium erectum
Trillium erectum
20200419 Hike and Sunrise_7
Bog off Canaan Loop Road
20200420 Sunset_19
Sunset husky play
20200420 Sunset_24
This dog is so sweet. We've been enjoying her snuggles more than ever now that we're home all the time
20200420 Sunset_30
And this old man is just so happy to have me home all the time. He lies behind me as I telework every day.
Ride With Your Mind Essentials...and pandemic essentials.
The last sunny evening we enjoyed. There is snow on the ground this morning.
Sunrise light before the clouds settled in one day last week. Look closely in the front field to see the beginnings of XC jumps
Beautiful evening light on our way to get ramps
Lots of ramps for making ramp pesto! I also dropped some off to my neighbors. When I dismounted to set the bag on their porch, Grif took the opportunity to leave me (and their lush, grassy yard) and head home on his own. As it was only a quarter mile, I walked laughing to myself the whole way. I found him waiting in his stall for me upon my return.
My most favorite beer. A tripel sour that rings in at 9.5%
Imagine hot tea instead of coffee in that mug and this is basically my life.
I'm still waiting on my window shade to show up before fully debuting the "complete" tack room, but I LOVE my new jute rug! I had an Amazon credit/gift card to use before the 15th so I opted for this lovely rug. It is WAY NICER than I had imagined and is really perfect in this space.
With the return of migratory birds, Norah was gifted with a homemade clown collar to lessen the likelihood of bird kills. This design has been scientifically proven to lower the probability of cats killing birds. Bonus, it looks REAL CUTE lol
She really didn't seem to mind it at all when I put it on. Continued her usual love fest.
Except by the next morning she'd ditched the collar, killed a vole, mouse, and chipmunk AND was lightly skunked. Little girl may have had some feelings about that clown collar after all lol! It was also a very rainy night; I was impressed with her bounty amidst the weather.
The horses showed a lot of interest in the dead when I was removing them. So I let everyone smell them.
I've let them smell a lot of interesting dead animals through the years.
Nothing tops letting them sniff bear blood after we dressed out a bear years ago though. They sniffed cautiously and then went wheeling and bucking across the field at mach speed. 
And after my post about hypothetical stimulus check spending, Fox Rider shared that this Kerrits Coaches coat was on one of the FB equestrian groups. As I've literally lusted after one of these jackets since 2017 and knew that if I was ever able to find one in my size that was new or in good condition, I wouldn't hesitate to buy it. Annnnd I didn't. And I ended up having THE BEST online purchase experience of my life. The chick who was selling it was SO SWEET. It fits perfectly and kept my warm and dry on a short ride with Miss Q in the rain. Seeing as my forecast is nothing but rain all week, this jacket came at a perfect time. Thank you, Fox, for helping this happen!
20200420 Sunset
And to close out Manic Monday, I'll leave you with a beautiful sunset and a Civil War era cabin that my neighbor had rebuilt on his property. 


  1. The Zoom call was the highlight of my weekend, I'm so glad ya'll set that up :) and those sunset husky photos *swoon*

    I need a barn cat like Norah, mine are lazy freeloaders who only want kibble, not varmints... haha.

    1. She's a rodent murderer! And I love it. She also gets wet food and supplemental dry food lol. I'm amazed she isn't morbidly obese yet.

  2. The cat catch is super triggering... I caught a mouse yesterday. In my house. Biscuit caught it first (after Lasagna cornered it), but then she lost it. Eventually she got it back, but I was the one who eventually caught it. I just can't with mice...especially live ones! LOL

    Also yay for Victory Brewing Co.! Of course, I don't drink beer (thankfully I didn't even before the whole gluten free thing), but it's always nice to see local businesses even when they grow massively in size.

    1. That beer is life. I love it so freaking much.

  3. LOVE these pictures! And Grif, OMG that is hysterical! How funny that he was like "Catch ya later, mom!"

    1. Basically, haha. He did not leave very quickly, but I knew if I went after him with any haste he'd BOOK it. So he walk/trotted and I walk/jogged laughing all the way.

  4. Lyra is proud of her feline mini-me, but wants me to let her know she's still fair game... 🤣

    1. Ha. Norah will be safely confined whenever you're able to visit again!

  5. omg can I borrow your cat. We have snakes outside that get the mice but inside we dont (Thank god) but my cat is way past mousing (he never did it when he was young) HA!

    That is great. I love Manic Monday and it should be come a thing! :)

    And I love your tackroom! and all the photos!!

    1. I wish I could clone her and loan her lol.

      And yes, I think Manic Mondays may just become a thing. If not for any other reason than to share blippits of my life that really cannot fit into a cohesive post otherwise.

      Fingers crossed for my shade to arrive this week so I can treat you to MORE tackroom photos ;-)

  6. LOL the clown collar reminds me of a scrunchy!

  7. lol those dead pics are naaaaasty haha. sounds like an awesome weekend tho ;)

    1. But no blood or gore! Maybe my threshold isn't high enough for disgusting things though. Biologist brain...

  8. I wanted to join the Zoom but I was on another call with friends. :(

    And that last photo is stunning. Just stunning.

    1. Hopefully we can get another Zoom blogger call setup. I'm going to join in the dressage webinar series Megan has been hosting tomorrow night!