Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I spent my yesterday doing nothing but inane non-sensical tasks to free my mind from everything stressful that has been going on school-wise.  It. Was. Wonderful.  The biggest part of the day was spent cleaning a bunch of tack.  I had my one saddle, breast strap, girth, and stirrup leathers - and then I was recently given a bunch of stuff that had been abandoned in a barn.  It was in BAD shape.  But everything looks great now, and my right forearm is killing me from all the elbow grease I put into it all!  In addition to my tack I was given another English saddle (no girth, breast strap, or leathers), two western breast straps and two western headstalls (all matching).

This is my original saddle - it doesn't fit Orion well
The new saddle - subtle differences
Browband of one of the new headstalls - the same flowers are etched in all four pieces of tack
The new setup - stirrup leathers, stirrups, girth, and breast strap were
originally on the other saddle
I also dropped by Mike and Jaci and Jackson's place to take them some home-made sushi for dinner.  Such a sweet little guy.  Finally got to hold him.  He's a freakin' heater.  So warm and toasty.

Today I closed a lot of doors with school.  I completed - or mostly completed - a lot of things.  I have a table left to do for my thesis corrections/additions - the only reason I have this left is because on three different computers today I received errors when trying to run the process.  Boo on you Arc10.  I have graphs for another report - but I probably won't do them.  I completed that report, completed revisions on my thesis and review paper, designed and completed my power point presentation for my one class, wrote one of two thank you letters, and sent a lot of email to F&WS about the job. 

What?  Job?  That's right, job.  Two days ago my friend that works at F&W wrote to tell me they had funding to hire a second person.  Yesterday I got accepted into Oregon State's online GIS master's certificate program.  I forwarded F&W the email.  The director emailed me back today wanting a ton more information on me.  I sent it all.  So, **fingers crossed** - I may be getting that job after all!  As some doors closed, others are opening.  I'm super excited for the possibilities that are in front of me.

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