Tuesday, April 12, 2011


  • Kenai jumping out the window of my car at the busiest intersection in my home town - and then running through the intersection.  That was enough of a heart attack for me for awhile.  Needless to say I immediately went out and bought him a doggie seat belt.

  • Buying this new hat

  • Orion trying to prove to me he'd rather nap then go ride - it didn't work.

  • I put a braid in his hair the day before and he didn't roll it all out...

  • Orion's fly mask

  • Riding in shorts and a tank top.

  • 80 degree weather!  Its a little much, but I know we'll slack back down into the 70s soon.  Sunny and fair weather is an amazing change though.

  • Jamming out to Jack Johnson on my way back to Morgantown - and shooting pictures out my window at 55mph.  Not bad considering the speed.

  • Matt's uber fat ankle from falling bouldering.  I sympathize with him because this happened to me July 5th last summer.  I wasn't a great patient either and it resulted in my ankle being swollen three months later.  Granted, my ankles are majorly screwed up from 10 years of competitive swimming...my bouldering injury still gives me grief today.

  • Aced my GIS midterm exam that was a fourth of my grade!  98%!!  I was seriously expecting a 50-something.
  • Asking for help with my thesis from my GIS professor after class and getting passed off a fellow who works for him who ended up hooking me up with some MAJOR awesome data and saving me HOURS of work!  Super-major-score-big!!
  • And an update on Ty on the AT - according to his journal he's hiked a silly amount of miles!  561 now.  Can you imagine hiking that far?  I can't.  Power to you, Ty!

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