Friday, April 22, 2011


Yesterday was relaxing.  And I needed that more than anything.

I woke a 6:30a unintentionally but just chose to go with it.  Took a lazy morning, revised my thesis some, grabbed lunch, ran errands, and headed out to the barn.  Yesterday was the first day of me pursuing my goal to master manual focus - so all photos in this entry via manual focus!

I didn't take a time telling or communicating device with me when I went to the barn.  I probably spent about an hour grooming Orion - braiding his mane, brushing off caked mud, treating the thrush in his feet with tea tree oil.  Then we tacked up and headed out on a solo ride. 

Initially I was really hesitant about this ride because Orion hasn't been out on a solo ride in a long time.  In the time since our last just-us ride he's become rather attached to his field mates.  But, surprisingly, he didn't fight to turn around at all.  He stopped a couple times in the first quarter mile, but didn't turn his head to go back at all.  He whinnied when we were within site of the field going and coming.  But that was it.  He was a very good boy. 

 I think someone kicked him - or maybe he fell, but I have a hard time imagining that because every time I see him in the field he's sluggish and lazy - because his right hind was sore.  The targeted area (I think) is just muscular.  I didn't detect that he was gimpy until we'd been out about a half mile and I asked him to go into a trot.  So I got off and lead him awhile, figured if he wasn't indicating to me he was in pain that a nice walk would be good.  So we walked, and walked.  After we got into the woods onto softer surfaces I remounted and kept him to a walk and just let him decide where he wanted to go - for the most part anyway.  It was so relaxing.  Blue skies, sun shining, light breeze, budding leaves, greening understory.  A great walking trail ride.    

Last night I busted out some more thesis revision, and then woke bright and early this morning to finish it and send it off to the necessary people. Al.most.done.  AGH.  Make.  It.  END.  Its looking likely that I may not even try to get a job until August.  Take these few months off to play, come down off my stress high, and remember what it's like to live in the moment.  I am on edge constantly right now.  Monday, Monday, Monday.  IT WILL BE OVER.  That being said - I still need to make my power point presentation for the defense and practice my defense speech.  Aaaah!!!  But it shouldn't be so bad - I hope.  Its just rehashing my paper in an interactive way, right?  Haha, we'll hope for the best.  Lots of baby bear pictures, can't fail with baby animals on my side!

Hope your Easter weekend is pleasant and not as rain filled as mine!!  (I wish I could insert an angry face here, scowls all around!)

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  1. I WISH we had rain! Send it to central Oklahoma, please! Your day sounds great and I think all your manual focus shots look really good!