Sunday, April 17, 2011

To study or not to study? That is the question.

Yesterday I spent most my morning fiddling around with the data for my thesis - I just can't get significant results from it.  I'm learning a lot from my failures though.  It'll be a lot easier to sit and write it tomorrow/Tuesday due to this.  I recognize that not all experiments will deliver statistically significant results, and you shouldn't tweak them to because its not really the truth you're reporting then...  But these are den locations.  The bears have to be choosing them for a reason, they should be significantly different from random.  I just can't figure out what environmental stuff to include in the model to see this - maybe I should go crawl around in the woods and "hibernate" for a winter?

I completely forgot until last night that I have a test on Monday...oops.  So today has been spent studying for that - sorta.  So far today I have:
  • read two (of four) chapters for said test
  • organized and gone over my notes for said test
  • started going through lecture power points for said test
  • caught up on episodes of Make It Or Break It - I don't care if I'm too old, I freaking love gymnastics
  • caught up on old episodes of Secret Life of the American Teenager - ok, I don't have an explanation as to why I watch this - Brenda Hampton's producing skills just appeal to me?  7th Heaven and now Secret Life...
  • considered catching up on episodes of Supernatural but decided to wait another hour...maybe
  • decided on some environmental variables to add to my bear den model
  • made a list of the next load of stuff to move home - such a tedious process
  • wrote this blog entry
Needless to say - I need to get back to studying at some point.  Sigh.  Everything is just so close to being done.  Its hard to study.  I have this test and a final and my thesis (which also doubles as my final paper for my other class).  Pretty much done-zo.  I feel like celebrating early - but I know I can't, pfffffffttt.

Either way though, definitely feeling more care-free than I have in months.  All the school stress is lifting and I'm able to get back in touch with the more trivial, enjoyable things in life.  The leaves are starting to reveal themselves, too, just in time for my liberation from education.  Slacklining will be happening this week.  =)

Ok, now that I see how much I have pointlessly written in my attempt to further procrastinate, I'M GOING TO STUDY.  (Congrats if you actually read this.  Its pathetic.)

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