Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial weekend videos

Look who, despite his jerking around, loves water deep down inside!  He thinks fly spray and baths may be out to get him still, but when you give him the freedom to approach the hose on his own he tells you what he really thinks about water....its love <3  Only proper he should love it considering his two-legged momma is like a fish to water (I swam competitively for 10 years and held multiple local records).

He trots!  Rough beginning of the clip as we adjusted speed for him so I could get a better video, but you can see how his feet are landing.  We do this once or twice a week for two or three miles to help wear his tootsies a bit.  He gets to see all the scary things of the world, too.  He's very focused on his job most days. This was the hottest of all days he's done this thus far, we only did a mile this day due to it.

My puppy, despite his breeding, loves water, too.  He was even frog hunting last week!!  (He failed, by the way.)  Our Sunday hike was hot, hot, hot.  It was a good thing Kenai knows how to drink from a Camelbak hose!

: : : : :

By the way, Miss Q has successfully been moved to her new home.  Photos/videos/updates on her to come this week!

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