Sunday, May 27, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Hosted weekly by Ramblings and Photos

1. Beneath your feet - He's never far from me.

2. Capturing movement - I love him.  And I love when he plays with me!

3. Texture - All the saw dust and crumblings from the many trees and branches that have been cut.

4. Face your fears - taken with my cell phone, this behemoth was sitting outside my front door on Thursday.  I didn't kill it, but I didn't like it either!

5. Currently - Currently I'm hiking somewhere in West Virginia, but no matter where I am this fire will be burning.  Its been burning for well over a week now.  We've cut down a lot of dead trees and numerous branches that needed trimmed lately in our yard.   And when I say "we" I mean dad and the boys. 

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