Tuesday, August 28, 2012

10,000 thanks & giveaway

Holy crap, y'all!  Sometime during last night my blog surpassed 10K views!  That is absolutely crazy! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I never thought I'd see such a # - especially in less than two years of blogging. I guess its about time for another giveaway; this time in thanks. What say you to a hand made halter like my horses wear in a color of your choosing for your own horse? Or, for the non-horse followers, a hand-knitted hat for you or a member of your family - winter is coming after all! The winner can choose which they would prefer.

Stripey hat (I can do designs, too, but nothing crazy, please!)
Fat yarn hat.
Q in her purple halter.

To enter: 
  1. Leave a comment on this post.
  2. Include your email in this comment - I will announce the winner on the blog and email that person.
  3. State whether you would prefer a hat for yourself or a halter for your horse and what color you want your hat/the noseband on the halter to be  (and why if you want to entertain me with a story). 
  4. Optional: Tell me your favorite story/anecdote you've read in the time you've been "following" me. (I put follow in quotations as I don't follow mos of you via blogger but instead have subscribed in Google reader. I loyally read though!)

I will close the giveaway and announce the winner next SATURday, September 8, 2012.

Thanks again to everyone who has been reading and following along. Many of you have become good friends and are a constant source of great advice and encouragement.

: : : : :

In line with the "great advice and encouragement", I have decided I will do the 50 mile race at the Kentucky Stampede in October. I never want to be a crazy front-runner racer; my career with my horses in endurance will likely be one of beating previous races vet scores, beating the clock, beating personal bests, and conquering things that proved to be challenging before. The 50 mile distance sounds ideal to me, and to complete it with a happy, healthy, sound horse is all I'm really looking to do. I'm not in it for the prizes or the placing so much.  I just love working in tandem with my animals, seeing some of the most beautiful country in the process, and meeting some really incredible people along the way. So thanks to those of you who commented and helped cement my decision. =)


  1. Congrats on two years of successful blogging!

    If I was fortunate enough to win, I would like a halter for my lease pony. Any color would be fine. Her owner tends to dress her in blue (she's a palomino) but most of my stuff is green.


  2. My email is one_horse_addict@yahoo.com. If I won I would like a hat, in black if you could.
    Good Luck for the race, sounds fun.

  3. Email: jordanrochelle16@gmail.com

    Hat: Blue, please. :)

    Favorite story: Hmmm...obviously I love the horse stuff, but your words of self-encouragement usually ring true to stuff I'm going through as well, in one way or another. They've given me a boost and made me more optimistic more than a few times!

  4. Email: memoryredemption@gmail.com

    halter: yellow/gold preferred... SKIP LOOKS SO GOOD IN YELLOW!

    Favorite part of your blog: Your hoof ramblings/pictures. You're much more savvy about feet than I am, and I'm learning a lot on how to care for my horses feet from your posts.

  5. Hey Liz, I just found your blog! Which means I'm going to be spending the afternoon catching up on past posts. :) Always love finding a new horse-and-endurance-related blog to follow. Looking forward to reading more about your adventures.

    email: echorider@msn.com

    Would love a halter...black with orange (gotta stick with my Renegade orange color scheme).

  6. I wanna hat! You know my email address. I'd tell you a funny story but I have food poisoning, blech, so I'm just not feeling it :(

  7. I WANNA a halter...in bright orange. Mnfaubel@gmail.com. I cant believe I've missed your blog for so long - its really very nice and beautifully designed. I really should post more pictures! With captions and stuff.....yeah....sigh. When I get out of vet school will have more time.

    As far as favorite story...I just read the post about ho one of your horses changed through time and I though it was wonderful - especially the hoof pics.

    I know I keep returning to how awesome your blog LOOKS but design really matters to me and I'm thinking it's time to change up my blogs look...it's getting kind of old :). Just being on this site is inspiring to go outside and do something.

  8. Great contest! painteddressage95@gmail.com I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a halter with red, 'cause red is mine and Missy's color:)

    I just love your blog...and your header is AMAZING it makes me smile ever time I look at it!