Sunday, August 26, 2012

25 or 50?

I'm headed to the KY Stampede in October. Sonya was going to ride with me, we were planning to do the 25. Sonya told me the other day that it will likely just be me riding and not her (I think (hope) she found a buyer for her horse). This means I should have a crew of at least two.

There are 51 days to go until this race. Plenty of time to keep conditioning.

Q completed 39 training miles in this past week alone. She is doing remarkably well with what she is given and exceeding my expectations and then some.

Since I only have myself to worry about on this ride now - not another horse and rider to also think about - I am stuck with a bit of a dilemma. 25 or 50? I could do a FAST 25 - Q is to the point where she could ROCK that, or I could do a slow 50 - Q should be able to handle this just fine.

So, endurance blogger friends, I ask you - even if you have never in your life commented on one of my posts but have read them - please comment and let me know what you would advise I do? You've been following along enough (hopefully) to see where we've been and what we've done and how she's coming along and how I'm coming along to be able to advise us fairly well. What say you?

Yes, this photo again because I love it.


  1. I say do the 50. It's not about speed and you'll get a great sense of accomplishment from it. Plus, a slow 50 is the first step to fast 50's and longer distances.

  2. What little I do actually know about endurance comes from you bloggers who compete in the the sport so I'm way out of my league. However, Dom's reasoning makes sense, so I say go for the 50!:)

  3. Do you want to ride 50s or ride LD? If you want to ride 50s, go ride the 50 - there is no other way to figure out what the holes in your and Q's training are! No matter whether you get pulled or squeak through by the skin of your teeth or finish easily, you'll learn a lot. Just don't let her race, not for a full year at least - JMHO!