Monday, October 22, 2012


  • My weekend was too brief, but wonderful.
  • Q and I could totally be The Man from Snowy Mountain doubles if we had to - we conquered some steep sliding hills and she excelled.
  • She is also great at fording rivers that reach her belly.
  • School is slowly eating me alive - I have no time any more.
  • Work is also ramping up just to make my life even more interesting in the time management department.
  • The new kitten needs to stop climbing me because its annoying and it hurts.
  • The new kitten - Cheat - is over half-way to being completely potty - yes, the human toilet - trained.
  • Kenai has THE WORST dog breath in the world. What can I do!?
** edited added bullets **
  • Yoga is being reintroduced into my life (finally). Shoulder be damned.
  • My Halloween costume is nearly done and completely kickass. Pictures will come after the weekend.

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