Friday, October 5, 2012

We're alive

It’s been a relatively slow week for horse activities. Full time job + 8 hours of graduate courses [online] have kept me rather booked up. Forgoing horse time isn’t my favorite thing, but to conquer everything on my plate it has become a sad necessity. The quarter is only 10 weeks, and I’m finding time on weekends to ride and play, but week days? They’re sadly becoming a thing of the past.

On Thursday I just couldn’t stand it and decided to go out just to see them. I needed to smell that horse smell; it never ceases to calm me and help me release all lingering tension from worrying about how I’m managing my time to conquer everything.

I drove out, turned in my board check, discussed the travel plans for seeing Buck Brannaman this Sunday [SQUEE!], and then went down to the barn. The horses, per the norm, were out in the field – but fortunately within calling distance. I knew Q wouldn’t come when called, but Griffin always does so I whistled and called his name and he slowly ambled over.

© Liz Stout

I never put a halter on him. He came in the gate, waited while I closed it, walked by my side to the barn, and stood patiently waiting in the aisle while I got him a tiny bit of grain + mineral supplements. He nommed while I took burs out of his mane and forelock. He was a snot in the beginning, so I told him to move his feet and get away from me, pushing him into a tight trotting circle around me for a few circuits in the barn aisle. I stopped, he stopped and asked to come back in, I obliged. He continued to nom and be more polite while I brushed him a bit, scrutinized his feet, and then turned him back out. No halter, lead, anything the whole time. He’s such a good boy! He’s my lover, Q’s my worker.

© Liz Stout

Hoping to take this pretty lady out for a day on the town (literally) tomorrow. Looks to be a bit rainy for an hour or so. Going to be chilly in the 50s, too! But that’s okay. I’ll just toss some SmartWool or UnderArmor on beneath my shirt and show jacket. The parade route is the longest of any parade I’ve ever been in (used to be in marching band). It winds all around my town and hundreds and hundreds of people will be there watching. I hope all goes well – I enjoy getting out to do random non-typical horse things like this. Its fun for me and a really phenomenal experience for Q – hopefully Griffin, one day!

Hope your weekend goes well – I’ll be sure to update on the Buck clinic, parade, and other shenanigans soon!

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  1. From the pics I saw this weekend it looked like the parade went well! Hope that's true! :)