Thursday, February 7, 2013

2013 Ride Season Plans

Ah, the east-coast riding season is upon us. You west-coasters have the joys of having a lot of deserts to provide ample terrain at all times of year, we on the other hand, have snow, mud, and muck that prevent us from having too many rides during the wet, cold, winter months. However, spring is fast-approaching and I will begin a regimen with Q in short order to start prepping for rides this season. (As soon as ski season is over. And as soon as I return from my plethora of spring of which is a riding trip though...more on that later!)

I have three rides planned so far for the season, with the potential for two or three more depending on work etc.

April 26 - Old Dominion No Frills ride (plan to do 30 miles)
June 8 - Old Dominion (hope to do 50 miles)
August 3 - Ride Between the Rivers (hope to do 50 miles)

I know I can get Q in shape right quick to be able to complete a 25 or 30. My big goal for us for the season is to complete a 50. Speed for that completion? Psh, as long as we finish before time is up, I will be happy, happy. I'm not out there to break any records, I'm out there to have some fun and test my horse's and my own abilities. I just want to have a happy, healthy horse and rider team making it through these things.

I'm really excited about the prospect of these rides. I have access to a trailer I can use - all I need is a truck capable of pulling a small two-horse bumper pull (though it might be a 1-horse, I haven't seen it yet and Steve was uncertain the last we discussed it). I have one truck-possessing friend show interest in hauling and camping already, so hopefully I can find enough people interested that I can network around them and guarantee myself a way to get to each of those rides. (I will pull locally with my 4Runner, but only on the flatter areas within 10-15 miles of the barn, no mountains! I don't want to kill my vehicle!) The two in VA are about 2 hours away, and that's nothing! The other is local. So, all options I've presented myself with are very feasible to reach as far as travel goes.

Promising outlook. Lets see about makin' it happen!


  1. OD is on my bucket list. I crewed two summers ago and loved it. I'm sure you have a crew all assembled already, but if not, let me know and I'll try to come down :)

  2. If I keep Kolijah maybe I'll work on getting him in shape and taking him out to these races... if that's the case if you'll split gas we can take my truck. It will haul a two horse bumper pull no problem. :)