Friday, February 22, 2013

Almost time to celebrate

In 1 week (probably a little less) I will be done with the majority of my school work. I will shedding another long-time burden, as well. In celebration (not planned, just coincidence) I will be headed to CO to ski and play. I will return to a life of a less stress. Hopefully one with a bit more horse time!

I have been remiss in my commenting of late on blogs due to the last push for the light at the end of the tunnel, but I want you all to know I've definitely been keeping up with your blogs best I can. They're actually my "reward" for working through so many minutes/pages/analyses/maps. Achieve X-amount of work, read blogs for X-number of minutes. So, thanks guys.

Seriously, y'all, I'm going to be DANCING when I finally complete this final project for school that has been consuming the majority of my time and nearly all of my thoughts for the past three weeks. Sure, I play on the weekends and don't think about it, but the rest of the week? Egads. Consumed. I cannot wait to lose this burden!

Today (*gasp* this is another scheduled post - its all I do) I am teaching veterans from the Wounded Warrior program how to ski. Tonight through Sunday I am barn-sitting (yay!). Saturday I'm headed to Morgantown for the WVU basketball game. Sunday I will hopefully find time to crank out school work and get in some horse time. Waking up at the barn should help with that. I'm thinking wake up, do horse things, take nap, do school things for the rest of the day. That nap is clutch. Must have.

So now, onward, forward, luck be with me. Gonna git 'er done. Then? Then I'm gonna play...HARD.

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  1. WAHOOOOO! Congrats on being done with so much school work, my friend! And yay for a well-timed celebration to blow off all your steam. :) Enjoy your weekend barn-sitting and your lovely nap. I hope I get one too. And GOOD luck!