Thursday, February 28, 2013

Patrol meets [my] Horse-world

Beautiful mountain farmland property
Snow lightly falling and glistening in the light 
An incredible home-built cabin
Gorgeous exposed beams throughout the house
Innovation in a wood box that can be loaded from the outside-in
Wine - lots of wine
A beautiful dinner table with place settings for many
Sushi, stir fry, egg rolls, and dessert - all homemade
Laughter and jokes
A small child that loves climbing stairs
Stories of falling in love
More laughter

This was my evening with patrol friends the other night. Such a wonderful time. The only person there that I hadn't met before (a former patrol member from years past) was the person I ended up talking to the most. He used to be the ride manager for the endurance ride that used to be held in Canaan Valley. (!!)

I've heard rumblings and stories of how incredible this ride used to be. How beautiful and fun it was. How it had a little bit of every kind of terrain (typical of the Valley) and how people came from near and far to ride it. It was so much fun to get to talk for so long with the guy that used to manage it. He told me stories about the ride and the people who attended. We talked about the quirkiness of endurance riders, and the fun to be had with managing so many of them at once.

He even knew the ladies I ride with now. He'd helped when they did a multi-week pack trip across West Virginia a few years back. He's even a member of our Back Country Horsemen of America chapter. 

The conversation ended with promise to take me riding in the Valley sometime this summer if we're both able. I hope this can work out...

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