Friday, June 21, 2013

Confo critique

Hey y'all. I need a favor. Please give your opinions about the conformation of the little Gypsy Vanner sporthorse filly so far; she's around 1.5 months old in these photos.

Her current owner was working on very basic lunging with her (momma was nearby eating grass and VERY unconcerned with baby's training session). In the filly's exuberance (encouraged by Kenai's herding) she went over this little jump. We let her do it a couple times more for photo's sake. She was not over worked or abused in doing this. It was minimal effort. It is no different than her antics in the field leaping the stream or jumping over Kenai as they play together (no, seriously, that happened once).

Where do you think her potential future career lies? 
What would she excel in?

Please, please, please comment with your conformation critiques. Polite constructive criticism welcome. Rudeness is not welcome.

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