Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Typical evening

This is purely a post so I can share the following two photos that haven't found a home in previous posts.

This photo is demonstrating the lovely, weird weather we have in WV. Sun shower or sunflakes.

And then here is our lovely little herd. They've grown in recent months. We have quite the array of coat colors represented.

From the far left and working right as each appears in the photo we have:
Saja; grey Egyptian Arab
Q; brown Morab (yes, in case I didn't mention that on here recently either, the consensus of many lately is that she's likely a Morab)
Griffin; grey TWH x
Filly; roan buckskin paint Gypsy Vanner sporthorse
Mayer; sorrel QH
Calamity; purlino QH
Little Bit; overo painted TWH
Oliver; black (that fades brown) Kentucky Mtn. horse
Pokey; red dun QH
and Bill; overo painted TWH

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