Thursday, June 20, 2013

Q's hoofers

Or is it hooffers? Hoofers. Hooffers. I like the one "f" better.


Here is a photo documentation of Q's hooves. PLEASE EXCUSE THE SCRATCHES TREATMENT. It looks like she's got an oopy-goopy diseased leg. That is not true. Okay, well, its partially true, I suppose. Scratches is a bitch to treat and Q hates me messing with it. Just ask the bruise the size of an orange on my quad where she kicked me [I deserved it]. But seriously, the pink salve is a miracle product so far. Unsightly but oh-so functional.

So without further ado, photos of Q's hoofers.

No contracted heels here!
Right front. Frog still hasn't come back as full as it was, but with more and more work it returns.
Still trying to determine if the flaring she develops on her fores is necessary for her and where the happy balance is.
Left front.
Right hind. Helloooooo beefy frog.
Right hind with scratches treatment. This frog has some catching up to do with its neighbor.

My "mustang roll" efforts are far from beautiful and she could use a touch up trim to polish up her edges. What I'm doing it seems to be pretty damn functional for my horses. Additionally, check out the return of her frogs! Get this girl into full work and those frogs beef right up. She still has a lot of false sole, but wow, her soles and overall hoof horn is in SO much better condition than when I got her a year ago. She still doesn't have beautiful glossy sole like Griffin does, but she's got some right tough feet that truly crunch some gravel. They're very, very functional for her. What more could I ask for?

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