Friday, September 6, 2013


I adore this mare.

Totally and completely adore her.

And I'm so excited to spend years and years with her.

Tuesday night I took her on the rail trail (in the attire in the photo) and we did 8¼ mile in 1:03. Right as I was reaching my "I'm gonna walk this last quarter mile" point, Endomondo called out, 8 miles in 1 hour. I was pleasantly surprised we'd kept that pace. I'd wanted to, but I didn't know that I would that night.

I've decided that our rail trail (aka: FLAT) rides I'm going to push for a faster pace. 7+ mph. Average speed for this night was 7.8 mph. Perfect!

Q's lofty trot that she maintains so well is 9-10 mph. Her rolling canter is a solid 12-13 mph with spikes higher. My goal, for the flat, is to condition for that 9-10 mph trot and condition her canter into the 13-14 mph zone. Essentially, maintaining and better developing that trot and strengthening that canter. Nothing drastic.

And the best new news of all? She moves out and listens very well in that riding halter! I am very heavily considering the purchase of a beta/biothane hackamore for her for next season. I love the idea of her being able to eat uninhibited by the bit. No bit = more room to stuff and grab foodsen. Nomz.

Such a great little mare. Such an athletic horse.

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