Monday, September 23, 2013

I bought a saddle

Because clearly, reading about several other bloggers purchasing sweet new saddles and various other expensive tack items wasn't enough, I decided I'd drop some dolla dolla bills y'all and get a saddle, too.

No, but in all seriousness - I BOUGHT A SADDLE!

An Ansur Classic to be precise.

And it was my biggest equine purchase investment to date.

After completing the Virginia Highlands 55 in Mary's Ansur (race 2 in this saddle) and having nearly zero soreness and being able to ride my own horses 2 days post-ride, I was convinced I needed this saddle.

The fit of the Wintec on Q isn't bad at all. But its not perfect. The Ansur is treeless, thus less of a fit issue when compared to treed saddles. And despite being a treeless, I have had very little issue mounting from the ground on the trail.

I rode Q for 8 miles in Mary's Ansur in early August with zero issue. I rode her in a borrowed Ansur from Mary for 10 miles the weekend prior and again this past Friday for another 14.5 miles with no issue. In fact, Q moved freer in the Friday ride than she has of late. She felt as though she were absolutely floating at times - and that's saying something because this little mare floats and bounces lightly along almost always as is!
I really wanted to say something on here when I found this saddle and when I purchased it and when I got the tracking number so we could all obsessively stalk it to my door together, but I just couldn't. I'm one of those people who is convinced that if I talk too much about what seems like too good a thing then it just won't happen.

And thus I only told a couple people. Only one horse person. I knew once it arrived, if it was truly in the condition in the photos, then I'd get to blab all about it.

And show up it did. And in such amazing shape!! It was really a STEAL at the price I found it for when you consider what they sell for new and what you usually find an older model like this one in this condition priced at. I base these facts on help I received from Mary, who has served as an Ansur rep for years.

The purchase was a little risky though as I found the ad on Mesa, AZ. For anyone insanely new to this blog, I live in WV. Craigslist isn't exactly what you think of for secure internet purchases! But I emailed the lady and she got right back to me wanting me to call. I refused to call until I could see further photos. She sent them! Satisfied with what I saw, I took the plunge and called. She was polite and amiable on the phone. We discussed price/shipping/payment options and it was all squared away! She shipped it the following day and I had it within a week of shipment. Nicely wrapped, packaged, and boxed (which I believe the sticker on the box shipped USPS ground said was only $24 for anyone wondering what it costs to ship a saddle).

Happy happy happy.

I'm currently awaiting a Toklat Woolbak dressage girth (because the borrowed mohair/neoprene from Mary did not make Q's skin happy AT ALL) from the Distance Depot and then we'll be all set!

Onward to happy, long trails!

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