Thursday, September 19, 2013

Climbing Seneca (again)

Seneca Rocks climbing - it never gets old! Its the closest climbing from home for me at 40 minutes away. Franklin is about an hour and a half. Coopers and Snake Hill are about an hour and a half, as well.  And the infamous New River Gorge/Summersville Lake/Meadow River Gorge area is 2½ hours. And that's all just climbing in WV!

Seneca is the most unique though. Its fin formation is the highest of its kind east of Devils Tower, WY.

Our leader on this trip is an old guide on Seneca. He and I had been planning to climb it together for ages now - so nice to finally DO it. Our other friend Dylan joined us for his first trip up. This trip had very special meaning to him as he spread his grandparents ashes from the summit per his grandfather's wish. Pretty crazy stuff!

So without further ado, have a ton of photos from my 6th trip up Seneca!

Before shot!
Really showing off how much rock there is here
My friend Mike, leader for the day and a used-to-be guide at Seneca
Routes 33 and 28; Spruce Knob high peak trending top left distance; Allegheny Mtn. high peak in center distance
Not perfect posture, but seriously, y'all, this is like an 8' fin with hundreds of feet of vertical to my left and right.
You don't wanna fuck that shit up.
Worth viewing at full size. Feel free to giggle at Mike in a heap with the very girly Seneca log book in his hand.
After shot
Such an awesome day!

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