Saturday, September 7, 2013

Overcoming the Hurdle

50 miles used to seem like this incredibly daunting distance to me. 

It was this goal I had for myself, but was so scared of.

I couldn’t fathom riding that distance.

I couldn’t fathom training my horse to be able to do that distance.

But then things changed.

I was thrown into some sudden opportunities to ride that distance on accomplished horses.

I was able to learn from others and teach my body what did and didn’t work.

And then, after 155 miles of competition, 50 miles didn’t seem so bad.

Actually, 15 miles into my 55 I remember thinking, Wait, so the 30 milers are just gonna turn around and go back NOW? Whoa. That’s like…nothing. That’s so quick and fast. Huh. Never dreamed I’d think that.

I guess this is the endurance mindset? Overcoming that hurdle of thinking 50 was so impossible to now thinking it’s so totally doable? 

Either way, I’m in. I’m so in. This sport is fun and its everything I dreamed it would be.

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