Sunday, October 6, 2013

Equestrian Martha Stewart

In efforts to save money and avoid from spending inordinate amounts of money on things, I've made the following of late:

Halter bridle of the blaze orange variety

Q does not approve of this photoshoot
I finally made a pad rack <3 it
New *red* reins because I have yet to find retired orange climbing rope
I have minimized the amount of metal on these opting to tie instead of clamp

So now we're red and orange - visibility is what I'm striving for at this point
*note attached crupper and breastplate now, too!*
The only negative side of this saddle was lack of any D rings; I made my own
by attaching paracord to rings and looping them around the stirrup bars

I proceeded to get creative even more by creating a system - also attached
to the stirrup bars - to allow for attachment of a crupper to my treeless saddle

It turned out quite wonderfully

We won't have a slipping saddle any time soon!

If anyone would like to see a more detailed tutorial on any of these projects, let me know. All of them cost well under $20 each to create and some involved using recycled materials from former projects!

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