Friday, October 18, 2013

What Does a Hawk Say?

Cape May Trip 2013

Day 1: Rain. Cold birds. 4 raptors. A boiled skull. Cards Against Humanity.
Day 2: Wind. Less cold birds. 12 raptors. Lobster.
Day 3: Beautious sunshine. 37 raptors + three escapes and one hole from a Peregrine.

And no, I still won't answer questions pertaining to "how do you catch them". You'll have to accept that its magical and involves faerie dust.

My narratives about this trip become less and less it seems. Have some pictures.

Explaining how to hold a bird
Peregrines. Male in Mandy's hand, female in mine.
Cards Against Humanity
First time on a sandy beach
Male Sharp shinned hawk.
Female Merlin.
A peregrine. Duh.
Evil female Coop. Evil and strong.
3 years with these two pros. Mandy and I have female Coopers hawks and Arthur has two males.
Compare this bird to those Arthur is holding above. Arthur has two hatch year males. This is an after-second-year male of the same species. Striking difference, eh? Plummage changes much with maturity.
You take the bird out like so...
Coopers hawk party! Girls holding girls, boys holding boys!

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