Thursday, March 24, 2011


Due to my neglect the past three days this is going to be a super post - it figures I'd get super busy and then neglect to attempt to write anything and have to catch up...

--Carly met Chris and I at the barn at 12:30p to tack up and head out on a big thirteen mile loop ride.  Orion's halter/bridle combo came in - he looks very handsome in red.

With bit

The ride was pretty fun - lots of running and ended up running into a school bus of children who were thrilled to see the horses.  After we rubbed the horses down, grained them and turned them loose again, we headed to the tack shop downtown.  I hadn't been before.  Pretty nice addition to the little town.  Picked up a fly-mask for Orion.  He's going to look absurd, but I always said I would get my horse a fly mask because I always felt bad for the mobbing of flies around them in the summer.

After quick showers Chris and I headed to get dinner at our favorite place in Elkins - El Gran Sabor.  Its a sweet little Venezuelan joint run by a husband and wife.  Amazing authentic food, local brews, the option for quiet seating in the front of the house or into the back for live local music - jazz typically.  Chris and I always have to order cachapas - a sweet corn pancake stuffed with slow cooked beef or chicken or shrimp or beans.  They also have sweet plantains, tostones, arepas and empanadas.  Tostones and empanadas are the fried versions of the afore mentioned foods.  Super awesome and yummy.

We didn't leave to head to Maryland until two or so - plenty of time to give the dogs - and cat - baths.

Our drive through the eastern panhandle towards Maryland was very pretty.  I love that part of WV - so rocky - I love all the outcroppings.

Little cave along the river
North Fork Mtn. - the rock croppings line the ridge
as well,  a hike goes along the entire ridgeline
I hated seeing where my beautiful state has been marred by these:

Other surrounding states (cough, cough, VIRGINIA) pushed and pushed for these to be crossed across my beautiful state marring some of the most beautiful areas - all so they can have cheaper electricity.  Its the story of WV.  Metropolitan areas from the north steal our pristine water and send us their trash in return.  I could harp on and on about this and my dislike for it - but I won't.

Daffodils from my yard to take to MD
All things considered, it was a beautiful drive.

Our original plan for this trip was to climb MD Heights and Annapolis Rock and then visit DC, but the weather is changing our plans.  So, Chris and his sister Camille took me all around the area to visit different historical things - since this area is chock full of them.  I got to see the real Washington monument, hike some of the AT, visit Antietam Battlefield and Devil's Backbone park along Antietam Creek.  It was a lot of fun to see and do everything - great to not sit inside all day.  Kenai had a blast getting out too.

The 'real" Washington Monument
Camille and Chris
Kenai throwing himself off the slide we tried to get him to go down
Those tell-tale white blazes that indicate the AT
*An update on my friend Ty who is doing a thru-hike of the trail:
He has completed ~270 miles and is somewhere in NC*

Antietam was really stunning to see after learning all about it through HS/college history courses.  I was lucky to have some really phenomenal history teachers who impressed upon me how monumental the battle of Antietam truly was.  ~23,000 were killed in this battle, the creek ran red for days with their blood.  One of my history teachers urged us to visit the battlefield one day and note how green and lush the land is from all of that death.  I don't know that the effects of the battle are as long-lasting today, but all the same it is super impressive.  Understanding the enormity of what happened in those fields really made me feel like a small person in this huge, huge world - it also really made me appreciate how rich and amazing history can be.

Antietam Creek

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  1. I really love Antietam. Did you go inside the church that was used do house the dying soldiers. It's full of bullet holes.