Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Wild Thornberry's

Its Thursday already?!  Where did the week go?  I knew on Sunday that I'd get to Friday and wonder where time had gone, but wow, Tuesday and Wednesday are definite blurs in my mind. 

Today has been very slow and relaxing.  I don't have classes on Tuesdays or Thursdays - so its pretty nice.  I've been doing a lot of studying for my GIS midterm (even though we only have four weeks left) on Monday.  And I've developed a brilliant reward system for myself - go through a power point lecture (its a three hour-once-a-week class so they're super long) and take notes on it, then watch a 22 minute episode of the Wild Thornberry's!  Netflix recently obtained permission (or whatever they need) for the tv episodes - prior they had only had the Wild Thornberry's Movie.  Lame.  But oh-so-sweet now!  So I've gotten through four big ol' lectures and taken notes - needless to say I'm feeling a little bit better about this upcoming test.  Its really nice to return to childhood with this show, too.  Its one of the few cartoons I've gone back and watched and not been like, "What the hell was my mother thinking allowing me to watch this?  Its bizarre (i.e. Rocko's Modern Life)."

So yes, great rainy, study day for me.  Feeling in control and calm about the upcoming chaos in my life, too.  Never thought I'd enjoy myself so much on such a drab, nasty day.  Hurrah for Nickelodeon cartoons!!

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