Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A series of events

Firstly, thank you, everyone, SO MUCH for all of your words of encouragement about Kenai's surgery. He's *out* and doing well. I'll post a more thorough update on all of that in the next week or so. But know he's well albeit naked in the rear end. He needs pantalones. I want very much to sew him some wool knickers with a butt flap since his hair grows back at a glacial pace.

I apologize for lackadaisical blogging of late.

Moving to the apartment has brought a wealth of issues as far as internet access (I'm not serviceable by one and the other option hasn't showed up yet to see if I'm serviceable). When I'm able to get internet right now, I write as many posts as I can and schedule them for days to follow.

August has been a whirlwind. First our club's sponsored endurance ride. Then I was in the wedding of one of my best friends.

Groomsmen goofs
bridesmaid attire
what happens when climbers get married
Me: Kate you should stand on the pillar (above the cliff drop off)
Beautiful lady.
at the reception that evening

Then Dom and Mike came through WV like a whirlwind to drop off jumps I'd ordered from Mike. (All photos by Dom!!)

My beautiful jumps and my beautiful dog before his legs were shaved
Yes, I ride in shorts.
Proof of the riding of Griffin haha
Mike's talented

Now Kenai's surgery and post-op.

I'm teaching for ski patrol some weekends and trying to plan some climbing trips for other weekends (all of this depends on Kenai).

Additionally, I'll be riding in my third 50, Virginia Highlands, on August 24th.

A whirlwind of events indeed.

One day I will comment on blogs again. I'm still reading when I can, but comments are definitely lacking. Apologies, but c'est la vie.

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