Thursday, August 22, 2013


Yet another Harry Potter reference for Griffin.
But seriously, he acted as if I had offended him in some great way when I went to tool around on him and ride him for 20 minutes on Sunday. Perhaps I should have bowed to him first without loss of eye contact to gain respect a la hippogriff?
Good thing I was so relaxed and could laugh about his antics and push him forward. He was being such a pill
*cue the walk*
*Griffin throws head violently to left and right, up and down, some forward movement*
*cue the walk with a little bit more oomph*
*head throwing, tiny little grunting squealing, forward movement in the way of tiny bounces to throw his front end forcefully into the ground*
*giggling" Griffin, come on, WALK. Don't be an angsty teenager.
*sets himself into an almost rollkur-esque headset, pounds front end into the ground*
Geesh! You're such a pill today.
So I lunged his ass. And he cantered and cantered and cantered and bucked and kicked up his heels as high as my head DIRECTED IN MY DIRECTION EVEN! But he was still at least 10 feet away, so while this was an incredibly rude gesture, I wasn't in the line of contact fortunately. But I made him book it around for a few more laps before I reversed him and hurried him along again.
Post-lunging he was much better behaved. Still distracted and a little angsty, but he did as he was asked. I didn't push it too much. That was good enough since he seemed to be having an off day of things.

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