Friday, November 22, 2013

Under da Sea

A couple weeks ago, Allison at Adventures with Shyloh held a giveaway contest for a Horze fleece cooler.

And, by some miracle (because I never win anything), I won! And of course I chose the marine green color because its boo-tee-full.

I was concerned when I opened the box that the color wasn't nearly as bright as it had been online. I think they boosted the saturation on the photo a little bit... But when I headed out to the barn to have my two models show it off, it was still sufficiently obnoxious. (There is zero filter on these photos.)

I am NOT amused. NOT amused.
Seriously, human, stop with the photos.
But whaaaatt is this thing?
Over it. Now I'll be adorable.

Its nice to have two similarly-sized horses. Its a little too long on Q and just right for Griffin. Though, if the boy grows more (which he's bound to do since he's only 3¼), I may not be able to cram them both into the same blanket. Though, once Griffin is of an age to attend endurance events with Q and I (provided we have another butt to ride him through!) he'll need blankets of his own for those cold rides!

Had to include that video because that's where they look like they should be with this color! With a bit of a saturation boost and some other post-processing via Snapseed, I've replaced the "lock" and "home" screens on my phone with the following two photos:

I love my little sea-colored horses. =) Thanks Allison and Horze for making this happen!

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