Thursday, November 6, 2014

All In A Week

1. Work never tasted so good.  2. The russets of late autumn are in full swing.  3. Dog nuzzles.  4. Pumpkin Reserve @ 6.9%  5. Blankets for the first time this year for a 48 hour period of freezing rain (they do not have shelter).  6. Fiona and Shrek for Halloween.  7. A properly soiled horse.  8. Griffin led a 6.7 mile trail ride like a boss.  9. A wonderful new book.  10. Ralphie, our office iguana, was a doucher the other day during a conference call as he proceeded to knock EVERYTHING POSSIBLE off ALL of my shelves.  11. Night riding on the grey horse; two big spooks at Kenai in a bush, but I'll give those to him. I almost came unseated each time! Fortunately, Q has me trained.  12. You will do my bidding, human!  13. Atticus on July 2013 vs. November 2014 - he is in the SAME cage.

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