Monday, November 3, 2014


After handling a horse that wasn't my own yesterday for a brief minute, I realized how thankful I am to have horses that:
  • Have ground manners
  • Lead politely
  • Stand when tied
  • Are polite about being tacked up (both saddle and bridle)
  • Are respectful about my space
  • Know how to lunge
  • Know verbal commands
  • Stand for mounting (at least 85% of the time anyway, haha)
  • Stand for dismounting
  • Listen to leg aids
  • Listen to seat aids
  • Are not demanding/manic about feeding time
  • Are very polite for the handling of their feet and trimming
  • Are polite about taking oral supplements/medications/electrolytes
  • Aren't dicks for the vet
  • Load/unload from the trailer with minimal issue
  • Have a "whoa" button installed
  • Transition nicely between gaits (up and down)
  • Are relatively game for many bizarre things I request of them

It has taken a lot of time to get these critters to be so well behaved, but wow. So worth it. So thankful.

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