Wednesday, November 12, 2014

All In A Week

It seems my blog life has been relegated to these photo posts for a bit. I'll craft up better content soon.

1. Cannibalistic chickens - they were all eating an egg one of them laid that burst open....  2. Griffin instigating play-fights. I finally drove up in the middle of a huge one - it's no wonder he's in such good shape, he really books it around that field!  3. Begging for attention.  4. So, it's been snowing here. Winter is here.  5. <3 Thanks guys.  6. The greatest Asian Market I've been to yet! Will definitely be returning when I'm back in the area.  7. Fish to veggie ratio in the *cheap!* sushi from that market was superb. Definitely #winning.  8. Kenai LOVING our 6.5 mile ride the other day!  9. We love each other!  10. We hate each other.  11. The cats have claimed this dog bed. Apparently that position is comfortable?  12. Innocent? He's fully in his role of "couch dog" here. I have decided to permit this behavior after 4.5 years. *sigh*

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