Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Set Backs

(Two posts in one day, what is this strange voodoo?!)

Aarene at Haiku Farm wrote a great post recently that was just what I needed to read in regards to mental calendars with horses.

I nodded along with the whole post, and smiled as she noted her own lessons learned.

The whole thing was right on line with my own thoughts lately for my two and my plans for the future. These plans involve some serious backward steps that are happening or will be happening through the coming months. I will share these things as time allows in coming posts.

My comment to Aarene's post is below. In addition to my initial rambling, she asked three questions which I have italicized:

As a lover of lists and a chronic planner of all things, horses continually humble me. I WILL DO THIS! I declare. YOU WILL PRESS PAUSE! The horses echo. I may one day learn and stop this cycle, but that time is far in the future, I fear. Though there is hope; I am getting better about having very broad, fluid plans. This is helping a great amount so far.

What events and situations move you and your horse off-calendar? - Mental break-downs from both parties have been large culprits this year. I am forced to take steps backwards and be more creative in my methodology to battle mental hurdles and break them down into small steps. Hard realization to reach, but critical for any hope at success. Physical break downs the year prior helped prevent mental break downs for a time, but because my ways did not change greatly enough, the time has come that I must learn from my errors. Thanks, Universe.

Is it easy to re-form your goals? - It is easy when I have accepted the fact that I was the reason for the errors. Acceptance is everything for me. Once I can admit my short-comings, the path forward becomes much clearer and I become very excited about backing up and re-starting. I like a challenge, I just don't like being humbled so often. (Who does? It's a hard lesson to learn, IMHO, and those who can tackle it with grace are those I admire the most.) However, I'm learning, and that is so, so valuable. I'm not apt to make the same mistake more than once!

What helps you? - What helps is the community of horse folks who are ever supporting of my efforts. Who bolster me when I'm down. The drive and passion I have for my horses coupled with my desire to do right by them spurs me ever forward...and reins me in with a wicked one rein stop every time I get too excited and big for my britches! Reading posts like this one and seeing the success of your journey helps immensely.

Thank you (again) so much for this post. It is something I needed to read right now as I'm struggling mentally with my own demons.

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