Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Review in pictures

I'm related to this...
And him, too.
Tacky Christmas party - if you couldn't tell.
Workin' it.
One of the largest holly trees I've ever seen.
Very big.  My uncle is >6' for reference.
Everyone hikes with knitting needles - right?  No, seriously, just for reference
for the dbh.  I measured it w/ my camera strap and calculated it later to be 16.4".
Hike destination - top of Mt. Baker
Saw some hoof prints and horse poo - wish I could have ridden it.  Great trails!
Rewarding the carolers.
Soo, cousins are Clemson and we're WVU - no, we didn't talk about the bowl game.
Jetta's new collar I got her.
Texting my cousin all at once since he couldn't be there this year.
Nana - and bonus points if you see Jetta.
Tolerant little pup.
Face time with Ben since he couldn't be there.
Don't judge us.


  1. Love it!! All I could think was "it's warm enough to wear shorts??!!!!" lol Looks like a super fun time!

  2. No judgement on the yum beer selections! Looks like it was a great Holiday :)