Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Birthday [to my blog]

A year ago today I wrote my very first post.
A year ago today I was experiencing things drastically different from my life now.
A year ago today I was still enrolled in college and had yet to think about the real world; thoughts of graduate school weighed heavy on me and my hopes of a graduate position were still so high.
A year ago today I was more scared and lost-feeling than ever before, and so I began this blog.

And then tons of amazing things (some very good and some very difficult) happened.  I built a lot of character over the past year.  A lot.  Its been a huge growing year for me.  I'm really happy I started this blog to look back on it all and document it.  I got my first horse & sold him, graduated college, entered the real-world, and realized that life can be fun and trying all at the same time.

There are multiple times throughout a year where I think back on where I was "back when" and realize how much I've grown; now I have this blog to look back on and really see how I've changed.  I'm rather amazed with myself that I stuck-with-it and continued writing so long.  Its become a normal occurrence for me to write in here.  Its also given me a reason to take more pictures and pursue my love of photography a little more.  All-in-all, nothing but good has come from starting this little pursuit.  Here's to hoping it continues for a long while to come!

Oh, herro!

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