Saturday, December 3, 2011

Today is the day...

You're reading this.  I'm being tested.

Beginning at 8am I will be taking my written test for Nat'l Ski Patrol.

Throughout the afternoon I will be put through numerous rounds of practical skill set stations and several scenarios.  Our victims in the scenarios are typically very convincing.  Through the past six months of training they've done a fair bit of screaming and hollering; its rather unnerving.  Being able to pull yourself out of that and focus and be calm and do what you were trained to do is key.

Mid-shaft femur fractures; proper alignment of a broken bone; removing a helmet from a patient with a spinal injury; assembling an oxygen tank and applying the mask to a victim with the proper dosage; splinting joint injuries; splinting other bone/sprain/strain injuries; keeping the cervical-spine in proper alignment; using proper barriers between patient and myself - gloves and the like; knowing good vs. bad vital signs in children and adults; caring for infants, adolescents, adults and geriatrics; yeah, I guess I might have learned something along the way.  Being able to quote all this off right now and all...

Wish me luck.  Hopefully it will go well and I'll be an official Nat'l Ski Patroller by this evening!  Either way its gonna be a huge-crazy-awesome party with a ton of amazing outdoors-oriented folks!  Bring on the food and home-brews!

Off my front porch Thursday morning.

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