Tuesday, December 27, 2011

iPhone Apps for your HORSE (I mean, you..)

Local vet in the area noted the following in her newsletter!  Wanted to share.

IPhone Apps
1)      EquiCalc – For those of you closely managing your horses weight, this is a handy weight calculator that will also keep a running history of measurements. 
2)      Colic In Horses: An Owner’s Guide -  This app was created by a veterinarian in Texas to help owners when their horse is colicking.  The app walks the owner through taking vital signs so that you can more effectively communicate with your veterinarian during an emergency.
3)      Horses! - A fun educational app about the different breeds of horses.
4)      Horses Flip: Flashcards of Horse Breeds - A great app with flashcards containing information about the different horse breeds. A progressive program that will even learn with you by repeating flashcards until you get them all correct. A must have for 4-Hers!
5)      FEI Clean Sport Database - A critical app for anyone competing at FEI level events.  This app contains searchable database of the drugs and medications rules. 
            6)      AQHA Rules – A handy resource for those of you competing in AQHA events.  Have updated
             rules on competition and medications at your fingertips. 


  1. Shared on my facebook page- all those with new iphones from Santa will be so happy to see the list :) I'm off to download #5- thank you for sharing!

  2. Great idea. I never thought of horse apps. I need a jumping one(: