Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Feeling good

I feel GOOD.  I had no idea how much pain I'd been dealing with and hiding away for the past ½ year, maybe more.  The issues with my jaw aren't completely resolved yet, but the suggestion to take some pain killer twice a day has made soo much of a difference.  I don't take pain killers unless I really can't handle something; the pain in my jaw was something that set in slowly over a long time so I settled in with it.  I guess I'd forgotten for a bit what it was like without that pressure constantly.  AMAZING!  Couple this with YOGA and my increasingly steady diet of healthier recipes for a pretty happy body. 

Now, hopefully that I'm back in balance my riding will get back to where it was!  Time will tell.  Yoga, diet, and some added grace is bound to help!

What changes have you made to boost your mood or health?
What changes would you like to make?

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