Friday, December 16, 2011

Equine need + book suggestion

Chewed up, spit out, confused and left to deal with it, and NO time to see a horse & fix it until the afternoon [maybe].  Must. Have. Horse. Time.  I'm need to be un-wound.  Work has had a lot of extremes this week and I'm left feelin' quite rocked and rolled.

Last night I nursed a bottle of wine - not all of it, no worries! - and watched an older Sandra Bullock chick-flick, Practical Magic.  Pretty good.  Not quite a "romantic comedy" as described.  But good nonetheless.  I really hope to see New Years Eve at the theater soon.  Tonight I shall scour Netflix for further chick-flicky nonsense.  Maybe I could find one with horses?!

OH, speaking of media/entertainment, has anyone read The Hunger Games trilogy yet?!   I 150% recommend it!  Love, love, loved them & I related to the lead female role in a deep way, which made it more fun for me to read.

Nothing more exciting to report - here's hoping for horses, snow, and cheer very soon!

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  1. YES, I am about to start the #3 of Hunger Games. It's very good and I LOVE the strong female role model.