Friday, February 10, 2012

Film Friday

Does ANYONE remember when I said over the summer I'd have video footage of me riding/training that pushy little paint gelding?  Here it is. (Please excuse my pale redheaded complexion despite the middle-of-summerness.)  Better late than never, and I absolutely love it.  Thanks, Matt.

**No, flip flops and no helmet on my head aren't proper or smart, but oh well.  It was hot as STINK that day with humidity being just as high and awful (blech), honestly, I'd have been naked were it permissible!


  1. OMG! After reading the small print I thought you were hopping on bareback... I must say the thought of getting rubbed by the saddle would be a big enough deterrent for me. lol

    When I was a kid I had my shod gelding step on my bare toes while doing chores. Lesson learned! lol

    Looked like a fun ride.

  2. I love this video. Looks so relaxing. Makes me want to visit WV! =P

  3. You're making me miss summer!