Friday, February 3, 2012

I'm Published...sort of

I am BEYOND thrilled with how this came out!  They shipped me the catalog and I had NOT seen it prior.  I'd given them access to my Flickr account and all my photos and wrote the blurb, but had NO idea it would be so beautiful.    The graphic design artist who pulled this together from three of my photos meshed them in such a perfect way.  I wonder if they realized they'd chosen two of my favorite shots of myself and probably my favorite landscape shot I got from 2011? 

I've been an ambassador for Mountain Khakis since 2009.  I LOVE their stuff and will stand by it to the end.  Its gotten me through some really amazing experiences.  I encourage all of you to look at their catalog HERE and see what you think!  I'm may to try to pull together a GIVEAWAY on my blog if you all are interested?