Friday, February 24, 2012


The special ones of you know I took this trip already, for the rest of you, I WENT TO NYC!  Okay, now you know.  I will now proceed to tell my birthday weekend (23 isn't a very exciting one must do exciting things?) in NYC - my first time to the city - in photos!

*All of these were taken with my phone because after 1 evening with the DSLR I decided I was tired of being targeted as a tourist and asked to do/buy things.

Packed and ready to roll
Waiting in the airport
Prepare for take off
Riding shotty in the shuttlebus
Hello NYC!
Yeah, taxi
View out our window
Central Park and the Upper East and West sides from the
top of the Rockefeller Building
Empire State Bldg. and others
GREAT South African place
From top clockwise: Grilled octopus, lamb shank empanadas,
eggplant with goat cheese and tomato
My mother and Mr. Lauer...sort of
Iron-something building
My first time eating dumplings - this place ruled
Across the street from ground zero
In the financial district near WTC
Fancy church can't remember the name
Made to look like trees?
Financial district
Address of where we stayed
Sooo, my first night out with old
We see this.  And HAD to take pictures of course!
Upper West Side
Our tour route(s)
Supposedly everyone who's anyone
has played here
One of Trump's
There are no words.
Close as I'll ever get probably
Ashley, this is for Joel, I had to take
a photo JUST for him
FAO Schwartz says I can have this for $1200
No feeding or clean up or exercise....


  1. I love NewYork! It is so amazing

  2. LUV NYC! Braai looked amazing! Means grill :) And did you Dim Sum?? YUM

  3. If Dim Sum is a restaurant, no, but pretty much everything that entered my stomach was phenomenal. Food was one of my main missions lol

    1. Dim Sum just means Chinese brunch (usually on Sundays) where carts are rolled by with various dumplings, dishes and OH MY it is gooood! Looked like u had a great time :)

  4. That looks like it was pretty frigg'n awesome!