Monday, February 6, 2012

NSP training

Phase II patrol training went a lot better this weekend - finally.  Bureaucracy and idiocy has been overshadowing the positive side of things, so I went into it this weekend determined to be positive and do my part the best I can and not worry about anyone else.  (These issues are a large reason why I have been avoiding discussing training on here.)

We had some biggish-wigs from higher up in the patrol visit and give us a clinic.  Seriously, the greatest part about all this training is the high level of ski lessons I've been receiving from some of the greatest people and teachers ever.  While its frustrating to constantly be told, "No, you're doing it wrong, it needs to be more like..."  I have to remind myself that I'm in some of the most advanced skiing lessons around.  This weekend FINALLY cleared up some vague concepts behind technique I hadn't been able to master yet.

Additionally, I received very high compliments from multiple patrollers on the skills I will be getting tested on.  Excellent news.  Even more excellent because our test weekend has been moved up by 1 week.  Oi vey.  So this places it as the weekend AFTER the weekend I'm headed to NYC, you know, the weekend I will be missing training?  Lovely.  So after a weekend off I will come back to test.  *Gulp!*  But current patrollers assured me I will be more than fine and will have to royally screw up to fail.  Good, I guess, but I'm still gonna worry about it!

By March I should will be a basic Nat'l Ski Patrol member.  Basic is the lower of 3(?) levels.  Senior is the next up that requires more intense first aid and ski skills, and Certified is the highest level that takes three years to complete!  I'm pretty happy with the idea of being a basic for now.  Senior maybe one day.  Certified maybe if I turn into a crazy person and discover that there is an extra day in every week!

Hopeful photos of me in that spiffy red jacket here in a couple weeks!

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