Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Yoga update

So, remember when I said my shoulder hurt?  And I hadn't done much yoga as a result?  Well, a weekish ago I was getting out of the shower and noticed in the mirror how my AC joint area on my left shoulder appeared to be higher on my left side than my right.  CONVINCED that this had to be a trick of the lighting I pivoted hither and thither, flipped numerous lighting sources on and stared and analyzed.  I figured I was semi-crazy so I went to a second source - my mother.

Both my parents are in/were in medical professions.  Dad was an ER doc for years and mom is a public health nurse for the county.  I had mom feel both sides simultaneously, "What do you feel?" I asked.  She pondered a moment and then replied, "This side *indicates to left* seems higher."  Great.  

Over the weekend I had NSP folks assess it, too (numerous doctors, lawyers, and (I really wish I could say "Indian chiefs" here...) nurses/paramedics).  Everyone came to the same opinion - I'd likely suffered from a 1st degree AC separation.  Lovely.  At this point it had been 3-ish weeks since the injury.  My symptoms and slow regain of abilities within that time frame supported this diagnosis.  

Its been almost 5 weeks now, I think. I plan to begin yoga-ing again this week.  Prior to this downward dog would make my shoulder make a horrendous sound and cause me pain.  We'll see how things go!  So much for 365 days....  Though my posture is better and my breathing practice to calm myself down is something I practice daily.

PS - The first person to read this post will be the 4,000th person to view my blog.  Thanks to you and to everyone!  I never thought this blog would become what it has, it continues to be so much fun connecting with everyone around the country and world.  Thank you, thank you!


  1. LOL - if it's any consolation I used to be able to stick my finger in my shoulder joint.... therapy is an amazing thing. I'm sure you'll be fine but DON'T push it! Give yourself time to heal - says the pot to the kettle...

  2. What can you do in such matters? I fell last summer and injured my SI joint. I swear my right hip is higher, and that's the same side I've had pain on. I've started some light stretches for that side. It sucks!