Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wishful thinking

My birthday is coming up next weekend, and while I honestly don't really need anything it is always fun to come up with a little list of wants-if-I-had-the-money.  So here is my birthday list for this year:

A second pair of the regular ladies Toms in grey or navy:

A pair of the new ballerina Toms flats because they're just so damn cute:

Blaze orange saddle pad(s).  I would love to eventually own all red/blaze orange/yellow tack and accessories so that it can double for safety during hunting season wherever I may be!  And while I can't wear any of those colors well with my hair and complexion, they do tend to look stunning on many horses!

Prana's 2012 spring/summer collection is simply beautiful and I'm really digging the following two items:

As well, I think I'll splurge this summer and finally get myself a pair of these, so cute!

I really want to do this sometime soon-ish:

And finally I think the greatest gift ever would be if someone could either find or make some beautiful wood frames in various sizes.  I have several shots I've taken over the past year that I'm really proud of and would love to print and frame for my [future] home.


  1. Ah, yay, birthday! Love the shoes and the frames! Funny how our wish list transforms over the years! :)