Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December Goal Review

  • Calmness on the ground and in the barn - Significantly improved. She is so much better 99% of the time now. Added bonus of receiving grain every time I bring her in has the added effect of her meeting me part way in the field now, too! The below video accents how calm she is when we work inside these days. Its a total non-issue now. She's so relaxed that I actually have to actively pursue asking her to power up for our sessions!

  • Dressage exercises to continue work on suppleness and equality to the left and right - Kind of fell off the wagon with this one. However, there was video evidence this month of when we did work.
  • Lateral work - Also fell off the wagon with this one. Will continue to pursue.
  • Continued work with side reins - Success. She's getting much better! Video evidence is here.
  • Increasing her attention on me when doing at liberty/lunge work - Success! There is still much to be desired, but she is improving a lot. She's never going to be like Griffin is, but I have faith that she will settle into her own unique way of going at liberty that works for us both. Time spent working with her in this way is further evidence that not all methods work for all horses.
  • And, a bonus for those days I'm bored of complete structure: some experimentation with bareback/bridless - I've had three short rides on Q bareback and bridleless in the round pen. I've used a neck rope each time, but this seems to be more of a crutch for me than her. She is so responsive to requests given through my seat and legs. Its SO fun! I'll try to get a video later in January.
  • Continued work with side reins - Success! He is such a pro. Its so much fun to watch his increased skill with this. Video evidence.
  • Walk & trot consistency under saddle - Not a success,but not a fail. I just didn't get out to the barn as much as I'd hoped to pursue this much. Will continue in the future.
  • Walk/trot poles both during lunging and under saddle - Total flop. Didn't do this once. Will continue to pursue.

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