Monday, December 30, 2013

Further Patrol Shenanigans

Christmas Morning Sunrise

Headed out to open the mountain on Christmas Day

First tracks.

The Christmas Day Crew


Jeremy manning the grill. We cooked Christmas dinner on the grills.

Mike hanging out by the lift; we were greeting each customer as they got off at the top

Christmas dinner! Grilled/smoked applewood turkey; green bean casserole;
apple-cranberry crisp; mashed potatoes; cranberry sauce.

Farm work Friday morning. Boo and tape fence.

Canaan Valley

Clearly the proper way to carry a barrel.

Prepping Meadows 1 for opening the following day. We had to pad out and place barrels on all manmade objects along the trail.

Walking my big red dog Clifford - otherwise known as skiing a pad down to mark trail.


Solo lift rides = gooning selfies

The pad I had to carry up the lift. Its situated in front of me. You can see my skis beneath. Carrying this thing was awkward to say the least!

Buttttt I got it on the lift just fine!

Riding up the very rarely open C-Lift. A-Lift is closed to my right.

Typical for a pretty day on top of the mountain. Sitting outside instead of in our bump shack.
This was toward the end of the day when we were rallying on top in preparation for close when we need all hands on deck.
We strive to always keep a minimum of 2 patrollers at the top at all times to be able to run sleds to accidents.

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