Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Videos: Griffin in side reins

(Please ignore the naming schema for the videos. I uploaded from my phone in bulk and am way too lazy to change them all now.)

  • All videos are relatively short. 
  • He's wet because this was filmed in the middle of a HUGE rain event (rain for >24 hours); he's outside 24/7 and thus was in the elements. (This was actually a day I found the horses shivering outside due to the cold and wet. In the future I plan to blanket them during such instances to help them out.)
  • I have zero idea what the audio is like other than obnoxious because of the rain. Jeremy was filming for me (yay!), and I did try to explain some things to him here and there as he's never ever been around horses in this capacity before I corrupted his time with them. I recommend muting the sound.
  • Draw your own conclusions, ask questions if you have them, provide supportive suggestions where you see fit.

My take on it all:
  • I'm really thrilled with the progress he's making (we're making). He's learning to use himself and he's learning that feeling contact on the bit is no reason to be concerned or upset.
  • His angsty fits are minimal now. They've become quite predictable, actually. On colder days or days when he's obviously "up" from shenanigans with his friends, he'll give me a little sass within the first 5 minutes of work. I can expect more sass from requests for canter work. I can expect further sass once the side reins have been engaged. Its like he's saying, "Damnit, this is actually taking effort. WHY do I have to? Ugh. FINE. I'll work." And every time, as the session continues, he calms and exudes great working behaviors and willingness.
  • His canter has become much more balanced and collected. In past cantering experiences in our tiny little indoor pen, he's been strung out and spastic about his movements. Not so now! 
  • His transitions between all gaits are much improved. I even got him to do the 10-10-10 exercise (10 strides trot, 10 strides canter, 10 strides trot, etc.) quite successfully the other day! Such a good boy.
  • I'm proud of where we've come with training and where we're headed. He's such a wonderful little horse.

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